Solar Batteries - Exide Energstore GEL Batteries (GEL)

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The Exide Energystore batteries are a tried and tested battery in the harsh Australian conditions. Ideal for stand alone solar power systems, NCPW have been supplying these batteries to regions across regional NSW for over 15 years now.

The Exide energystore GEL batteries are rated to give over 3,200 cycles at 30% depth of discharge

Exide Energystore GEL Batteries use Sonnenschein GEL Technology with Tubular positive plates for low maintenance operation.

Features and Benefits:

  • GEL Technology (Sonnenschein GEL technology
  • Tubular positive plates
  • Non - conducting polyethelene outer tray - ready to install!
  • Optional lid for protection from the elements at an extra cost

View Exide Energystore GEL Data Sheet Here