Galcon GSI Irrigation Controller Replacement Board

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Do you have an existing Galcon GSI Controller in Australia that is running on the 3G Network?

Did you know on the 30th June 2024 - The 3G data network will be closing, which will render your Galcon GSI Controller unable to connect to the internet, resulting in the inability to change and run your irrigation system.

IF your GSI was recently purchased - it may not require replacement - use the image below to determine whether or not your board is Version 1 or Version 2.



Once a new board has been replaced you will also have the opportunity to upgrade your unit to the new GSIPRO firmware, this is possible as the onboard memory has now been increased from the previous 2GB SD Card memory - being onboard.

See features of the GSI Pro software by clicking here

IMPORTANT NOTE: This circuit board is designed as an upgrade for existing GSI controllers and requires the transfer of stations and data from a previous system that was active in the past.

The board comes blank, without any attached stations, and cannot be used alone to control a new system. 

During the upgrade - NCPW will record your old serial number and arrange for Galcon to TRANSFER your settings and data over to the NEW serial number for you - your login details can remain the same.




North Coast Power & Water recommend opting with the LAN Version of the GSI Board, which rather than having a 4G Modem - simply has an ETHERNET cable on the board - this allows you to provide the GSI with a network from your own internet source.

This will allow you to connect via NBN, Starlink or a 4G/5G Modem with SIM card and an ethernet output. (We have successfully used the TP-Link Deco X20-4G in the past)


North Coast Power & Water also provide an In-house board change-over service if required - you can either post or drop your Galcon GSI Controller in to our showroom at 13 GDT Seccombe Close, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 for the upgrade to take place. Usually takes about 24 hours.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions / queries on GSI Board Upgrades.