Tankmakers Slimline Poly Water Tanks

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Tankmakers slimline poly water tanks are a very cost effective poly water tank. Their modular design provides great strength and their range of colours and smooth sides allow them to blend in nicely with your home or shed.

Available in a full range of colours, the Tankmakers slimline range are a great option for areas that a round tank won't suit.

Prices Published on our website are for Pick-up from our showroom in Coffs Harbour. Slimline tanks can generally be picked up in a ute or trailer, otherwise delivery can be arranged for a cost. Contact us for a quote for delivery to site if required.

What Colours are Available?

What are Tankmakers water tanks made of?
An extremely tough but flexible type of plastic called polyethylene, which has been used in the industry for liquid storage for many years.

Are Tankmakers Tanks safe for drinking water?
Absolutely safe! Polyethylene is food grade approved, and is the same material that is
used for water pipes.

Will my water be tainted?
No. Many companies use polyethylene for packaging of milk, soft drinks etc. In addition,
TANKMAKERS’ Tanks are not made from recycled or reconstituted materials that may
once have contained harmful chemicals.

How long will a Tankmakers water tank last?
Over 20 years. All TANKMAKERS’ tanks are UV stabilized to protect them from the sun
and ensure long life.

Do I need a tank stand?
No. Just a firm foundation with no sharp or protruding objects. The overflow should be
piped away to prevent erosion.

How strong are they?
TANKMAKERS’ Tanks are extremely strong and long-lasting. They won’t rot, crack or
rust. And since they’re moulded in the one piece, there are no joints or weak points
where leaks could occur. In addition, the colour is permanently moulded in, so your
tank will stay looking great.

Will Algae grow inside?
No. Specially designed tank grade polyethylene, excludes light necessary for algae growth.