Davey Rainbank Mains Change Over Pressure Pump

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Product Features

  • Rainwater Harvesting Controller
  • The new Generation RainBank® automatic rainwater harvesting controller allows the priority sourcing of rainwater for toilets and laundry, only using mains water as a backup.
  • RainBank Kit KRB1 is ideal for average size homes and comes with the two stage HP45-05 pump
  • RainBank Kit KRB2 is ideal for large size homes and comes with the four stage HS50-06 pump

Product Description

  • Dual source controller, specifically designed to source rainwater for water applications such as toilets and/or laundry, with automatic mains water back-up.
  • Also suitable for exterior taps.


  • RainBank® is ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, toilet blocks and garden irrigation.

Download the Datasheet here!