Davey Silver Series Water Pump

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These stainless steel jet pumps are manufactured to the exacting standards that Davey has established for all of their products to provide you with a dependable, value for money investment.
Automatic pressure system for:
  • Household and domestic water supply
  • Farming and agricultural water systems
  • Irrigation and turf watering systems
  • Automatic general water transfer
  • Single stage jet assisted centrifugal pump: Higher operating pressures, Less moving parts for increased dependability, Self priming for easier installation
  • Corrosion resistant and stainless steel pump components: Longer life when pumping a variety of water qualities, Reduced friction within the casing and impellers
  • High quality purpose built 2 pole, 50Hz, IP55 TEFC pump motors, designed to Davey’s high quality specifications with: Permanent split capacitor starting for dependable and frequent starting every time, In-built thermal overload for long motor life and protection against motor damage due to jamming, High quality sealed bearings for longer life ,Fitted with a power lead and three pin plug for ease of connection to power supply , Resists ingress of dust and dirt
  • Hydraulic assembly attached to motor bracket at 8 points with oring seal to the stainless steel pump casing: Better sealing , Longer service life
  • Designed with the serviceman and installer in mind: Suction and discharge are close for easier installation , Quality components throughout for long life and easier maintenance
  • Every pump is performance and pressure tested in the factory to ensure quality and reliability.
Press Control:
  • In-built check valve for easier installation.
  • In-built spring & diaphragm shock absorber: No need for pressure tanks on many installations
  • No adjustments for operation: Constant non-cycling pump operation
  • Solid state electronic control circuit with “tropicalisation” treatment: Longer life
  • Loss of prime protection: Saves pump from damage when water supplies run out

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