Solar Regulator - Victron BlueSolar MPPT 12v/24v Charge Controller

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NCPW stock the Victron BlueSolar Maximum Powerpoint Tracking charge controllers to help handle the inputs of common grid connect panels (outputs of 30-40volts open circuit) that are available now and utilise them to charge a standard 12 or 24v battery bank.

Victron are a great brand and have been developing solar solutions for many years - These great value MPPT controllers are robust and can operate stand alone or if monitoring is wanted you simply add a bluetooth dongle and view live status on your tablet or smartphone.

Feature highlights

  • Ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection in case of partial shading conditions
  • Load output on the small models
  • Battery Life: intelligent battery management by load shedding
  • Automatic battery voltage recognition
  • Flexible charge algorithm
  • Over-temperature protection and power de-rating when temperature is high.
  • Color Control GX

Download Data sheet for BlueSolar 75v 15Amp

Download Data sheet for BlueSolar 100V 30/50Amp