Kingspan Slimline Steel Water Tanks

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At NCPW we supply the Kingspan Water range of Steel Slimline Tanks, they are custom made to suit your preferred size, but we've added some of the most common sizes to our online shop to give you an idea of the approximate sizes and costs.

Pricing on our online shop are for a base* colour tank, and Includes regional delivery (within Coffs Harbour and Surrounding Regions) by the manufacturer and their staff members to your prepared base. Kingspan do not use 3rd Party deliveries to ensure your tank arrives in perfect condition with no damage caused to the tank that could reduce the lifespan of the tank. If your location is within 300km of Brisbane you may save a bit off these prices, but please contact us to receive a firm price.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like a quote on a custom sized tank to match your needs!

The Kingspan Water Slimline range of Water Tanks are available in a range of popular colours and in a range of made to measure sizes up to 10,000 litres. They are built for narrow spaces, usually to fit along the side of your house. Internal stainless steel cross bracing is engineered into the tank for maximum durability and strength.

*Base Colorbond® Aquaplate colours:
Paperbark, Surfmist, Dune, Woodland Grey, Monument, Pale Eucalypt or Gal

Features & Benefits

  • Made to measure
  • Made with AQUAPLATE® steel
  • Industry leading 20 year Corrosion Warranty & 10 year Construction Warranty
  • Option to nominate fitting positions for Tank Inlet, Overflow and Outlet
  • Food grade polymer preventing any water to metal contact
  • Rigid cross bracing system, won’t bulge or bow
  • Henrob riveting system for functional superiority
  • Rivets sit flush against tank
  • Modern look
  • Capacity up to 10,000L
  • Can be placed onto a concrete pad or an engineered timber platform
  • Available in hundreds of sizes
  • Australian made
  • Planet friendly – smallest environmental footprint
  • Available in a range of Colorbond® colours
  • WaterMark certified
Recommended For:
  • Small narrow spaces, designed to fit alongside dwelling
  • Aesthetical modern design to blend with architectural features of dwelling
  • Storage of drinking water - AS4020
  • The Australian climate
  • Potable water systems Inclusions
  • 25mm WaterMarked Brass Ball Valve
  • 25mm Outlets
  • 90mm Overflow
  • 400mm Inlet & Light Guard with Mosquito Screen

Tank Base
Tanks should not be placed directly onto the ground and must be installed on a firm, stable platform with no overhang of the tank over the edge of the base. For further information refer to Kingspan Water Tank Base Preparation Guide.

Quality Assurance
Kingspan Water operates under the ISO9001 Quality Management System. Each tank passes through a 20 point quality inspection. Tanks are water tested for structural integrity.

Kingspan Water offers this product under 20 years Corrosion Warranty and 10 years Construction Warranty. Refer to the Kingspan Environmental Terms & Conditions document and Warranty document for further information.