Counter Top Kit

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Counter Top  Kit

The Counter Top Kit can be used with different micron size carbon cartridges. Depending on the size, it will reduce chlorine, taste, odour, chemicals, and sediment leaving vital minerals for maintaining healthy life. With finer cartridges it will also reduce cysts and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Enjoy your own clean, beautiful tasting water from this simple and effective system.

Please note: Cartridges are not included.

  • Convenient portability provided through flexible hose
  • Quick and simple connection to tap for portability
  • Valve diverts from unfiltered to filtered water
  • Optional connection for taps without threads.


  • Kitchen: Cooking, drinking, beverages, replacement for inefficient filter jugs
  • Office: Replaces costly, inconvenient bottled water. An abundant supply of sparkling clear water at the touch of a tap
  • Factory: Provides staff with safe and healthy water.