Water Filter VIP Auto Deliveries


We've launched our VIP Auto Delivery service for your replacement water filtration cartridges! 

Why Join the VIP Program?

  • VIP Subscriptions receive 15% OFF all replacement catridges!
  • We deliver filters to your door when it's due to be replaced
  • YOU control how often your replacements are delivered
  • Change, pause, skip or cancel deliveries at anytime!

How to set up Auto Deliveries?
It's easy - simply navigate to the water filter you need, tick Auto Delivery + Save, and select how often you want them delivered.

Filter VIP List

If you need more than 1 x filter cartridge (e.g. for a dual undersink) - you simply repeat the process for both... When you reach the checkout - you will need to sign in or create your VIP account (so you can easily manage your deliveries in the future) enter your payment details and Voila! It's done!

If you are unsure about the filters you need, or how the VIP Program works - feel free to give us a call on (02) 6651 4333!