Apricus Deltasol BS4 Solar Hot Water Controller

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The Apricus Deltasol BS4 Controllers are the current model controller for Apricus and Thermann solar hot water systems. These controllers are made in Germany by a company called Resol and are extremely high quality controllers.

The Deltasol BS4 controller is not IP rated for installation outside so it must be installed inside, or within a waterproof cover.

All Deltasol controllers come with 3 x Sensors, 1 x 20mtr Roof Sensor and 2 x 3m Tank Sensors. Unlike the Senztek Solastat controllers, the Deltasol controller can be installed as a 2 x sensor controller simply be removing the 3rd sensor from the S3 port. The controller will know the 3rd sensor is removed and adjust it's operation to suit.

My screen is blank on Deltasol Apricus Controller

The screen blank with powerpoint still OK, may indicate the controller needs replacing. They do have a small 4amp fuse, however it is very rare that the fuse is the problem, however we do keep these in stock if you'd like to try this first.