Apricus Deltasol / Resol Controller Sensor Cables

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At North Coast Power & Water, we stock a full range of Detlasol BS4 / Resol controller sensor cables to suit all Resol Controllers (including the Round Apricus Controller with no display)

The standard roof sensors are 20mtrs.. You cannot use a "tank" sensor as a "roof" sensor as the temperature rating of the roof sensor is much higher (e.g. the Apricus collectors can reach in excess of 150°C+ in Summer time and during stagnation!

How do I know if I need a new sensor for my Apricus solastat controller?

The Deltasol / Resol controller will show a fault that says 888.8 or -888.8 which happens when a sensor fails, or the two wires are cut for some reason (e.g. bird, vandalism, rodent) Take note of the reading next to the fault

  • COL = Collector
  • TST = Tank Storage Temperature
  • S3 = Top Tank Sensor (Sensor 3)

This will give you an indication of the sensor that has failed or is damaged.

If you are unsure, please don't hesitate in contacting our shop on (02) 6651 4333, we have been supplying Apricus solar hot water systems for many years now and can assist in technical, troubleshooting and sales.