Apricus Solastat Solar Hot Water Controller

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The Solastat Controller by Senztek was used in the Apricus system in the Mid to Late 2000, and early into the 2010's.

The controllers give a great read out and programmable settings as well as being IP rated.

Solastat controllers complete come with 3 x sensors - 1 x 20m Roof sensor, 2 x 3m Tank Sensors, The controller can be converted to a 2 x sensor controller in store if required - Please let us know if you'd like this done when placing the order.

When do I know if I need a complete new controller?

If your controller screen is blank, and the powerpoint is OK, that would generally indicate that your Solastat controller needs replacing. We do offer controllers without the sensors, however if your system is more than 1-2 years old, it would be wise to invest in a controller with all new sensors to keep as spares in case a Solastat sensor cable fails in the future.

My Solastat Controller is showing SSD (or 55D)

This means Smart Shut Down (S.S.D) - Which can happen for a number of reasons, but most commonly is shown due to a sensor fault. Take note of the lights that are illuminated on the controller, and this will indicate which sensor is giving you the fault. You can purchase Solastat Sensor Cables for both the roof and tank. We keep them in stock at all times.