Filter Gravity CZR/GAC Cartridge

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Waterco CZR / GAC Cartridge 

CZR/GAC Cartridge is designed for use with Waterco Stoneware Plus Gravity Water Purifiers.

The extra bed of activated carbon:

  • Extends the replacement interval of the ceramic cartridge.
  • CZR electrochemically removes dissolved metals
  • bacteriostatic properties keep the water in the lower reservoir sanitised.

How it works:

This cartridge has a combined media of granular activated carbon and CZR.

Granular activated carbon

Absorbs chlorine, chloramines and other chemicals that affect the taste and odour of water. The result is clear, natural tasting odour-free water!

CZR = Copper, Zinc, Redox

CZR electrochemically removes dissolved metals. Also controls bacteria by making it inhospitable to multiply.

Using the CZR:

Designed to use in conjunction with your Waterco Ceramic Cartridge, the CZR is added to the base of the unit as a final and extra filtration stage.

See diagram attached to view all cartridges in operation.

Replacement Intervals:

For optimal performance replace the CZR canister and ceramic cartridges every 12 months.

Detailed instructions on box for:

  • Activating cartridge
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance - Cleaning the cartridge
  • Replacement Intervals.

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