Grundfos JPB6 Jet Pump

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The BasicLine by Grundfos JP, PM is a compact self-priming booster solution for domestic water supply. It consists of a robust single-stage jet pump and is available with a Pressure Manager. Together these components ensure great comfort by automatically starting and stopping the pump according to your demand.

Furthermore, the booster unit offers integrated protective functions protecting your investment. The BasicLine by Grundfos JP, PM is easy to install, a simple matter of plug and pump. The JP 5 & 6 models are also available as a bare pump without the pressure manager.


  • Below and above ground watersource with a suction lift up to 7 metres


  • Self-priming - With a suction-lift up to 7 metres, this booster unit is ideal for pumping from below ground level. This feature makes the booster unit suitable for a large variety of installations.
  • Robust design - The pump is made with materials that ensure excellent corrosion resistance. The pump housing and impellerare made of high quality stainless steel, while the rest of the pump is electrophoretically painted.
  • User-friendly interface - The booster versions includes a user-friendly interface with LED indicators which shows, power on, pump running andalarm indication.
  • Protective features - The Pressure Manager incorporates features to protect both the pump and installation including dry running protection and cycling alarm.
  • Easy installation - The booster unit is a compact solution, which makes it suitable for most installations. Simply connect the inlet and outlet and you have a fully operational booster unit.
  • Integrated non-return valve - No additional fittings required for an above ground tank installation.

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