Inverter - ePower 12v Pure Sine Wave Inverters by Enerdrive

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True Sine Wave Inverters 12v 400watt, 1000watt and 2000watt

Enerdrive has developed some robust, easy to use AC power inverters designed to be efficient and reliable in harsh Australian conditions. They boast a true sine wave output for providing clean, reliable AC power and 5V USB* power to your motor home, boat, caravan, 4WD or commercial vehicle.

Using the latest power conversion technology, Enerdrive ePOWER inverters deliver clean and energy efficient true sine wave AC power from your 12volt DC Battery supply.


Compact 400W, 1000W and 2000W true sine wave models kept in stock
that convert 12 volt power to 230 volt power

  • 2000W comes with with AC Transfer & Safety Switch
  • NCPW supply 
  • Australian standard powerpoint outlet/s
  • Audio alarm and warning / error codes (1000W - 2600W models)
  • Automatic shutdown protects overload, over temperature and low or high battery conditions
  • High surge capacity for products that require more power to start (2 x constant)
  • High efficiency conversion of battery power to AC power
  • Mounting brackets for permanent installation
  • Heavy duty DC battery stud connectors
  • 5V USB port

6 Meter Remote On / Off Switch Included with both 1000W and 2000W Inverter Models

All models available to order - NCPW keep in stock only 12v 400w, 12v 1000W and 12v 2000W

Download ePower Pure Sine Wave Inverter Brochure