Maelstrom™ Rain Tank 3-Stage Water Filter

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So... What is the Maelstrom exactly?

It's a rainwater tank inlet filter, a little different to the standard "inlet strainer" it has 3 x stage filtration down to 180micron BEFORE the storage tank, which should greatly reduce the amount of sediment building up in the bottom of your rainwater tank. (In comparison, the irrigation disk filters we generally provide to our farmers filter down to about 130 Micron to prevent drip-irrigation line from blocking up!)

How Does it Work?

  1. Water enters the U-Shaped Maelstrom filter which causes the water to change direction and become turbulent giving the filter time to allow water to pass
  2. The first, 2mm filter (A) diverts leaves and larger debris, the second-stage, 180micron fine filter (B) stops the finer particles
  3. The final 0.955mm screen prevents mosquitoes, frogs, snakes (you'd be surprised!) entering the tank for a swim or to breed
  4. The filtered water is finally funnelled through the base of the filter into your tank - Simple, but effective...
  5. The final stage of the filter is the overflow. During major downpours the overflow helps to flush-out leaves and debris from the filter.. 

The filter also features an extremely easy to use clip-on lid, and a handle to easily remove the filtration unit for trouble free maintenance.