Twin Under Sink Dual Water Filter Kit

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Dual Undersink Filter Housing Kit
The Dual Undersink water filtration kit comes with both a carbon cartridge and a sediment pre-filter cartridge.

Ideal for tank or town water, these kits come with everything you need to install a new, separate tap on your sink for filtered water.

Included in the Packages:

  • Two filter cartridges (Spun sediment pre-filter + Carbon taste & odour)
  • Dual housings with bracket
  • 1/4" tube
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • New tap / faucet.

NCPW Stock two versions of the Dual Under Sink Kits:

  1. Standard Model: 1 Micron Carbon, 5 Micron Sediment + Standard faucet
  2. Premium Model: 0.5 Micron Carbon, 1 Micron Sediment + Premium faucet + LED Reminder light.

Kitchen: Cooking, drinking, beverages, replacement for inefficient filter jugs
Office: Replaces costly, inconvenient bottled water. An abundant supply of sparkling clear water at the touch of a tap
Factory: Provides staff with safe and healthy water. Can also be fitted to water chillers.

Brands of kit may vary depending on availability.