Westinghouse 2-Wire Remote Start Petrol Generator WHXC8500E-AS

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The Westinghouse 2-Wire remote start series of Digital AVR generators is designed specifically as a Solar Power System Backup generator.
The 2-wire remote switch allows any device to start and stop the generator just by closing a relay (touching two wires together). A function that most modern inverter/chargers have.
Coupling this remote start petrol generator to your solar system can allow the generator to start when batteries are getting low, give them a boost charge and run the house loads resulting in extended battery life and saving you money in the long-run.
Boasting a huge 6,750 Running watts and a wheel kit included - you won't be left in the dark!
  • 8,500 Starting Watts / 6,750 Running Watts
  • 420 cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Petrol Engine
  • 2-Wire Automatic Start, Run and Stop Control System
  • 13.1 Hours Run Time @ 50% Output with 25 Litre Fuel Tank
  • Dual 240 Volt AC Outlets and a 12 Volt DC Outlet
  • VFT Meter Displays Voltage, Frequency and Run Time
  • Digital Auto Voltage Regulator – Stable Power Output
  • Compliant with Australian and US Emissions Standards
  • Quiet Running – Only 80 dB(A) at 100% Output
  • 2-Year Domestic Use Warranty (conditions apply)

Spec Sheet Download: Westinghouse Generator WHXC8500E-PRO

2-Wire Specs: 2 Wire Remote Start Electrical Connection Specs