Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems - Glass Lined - Gas Boosted

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Apricus Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

Gas boosted solar systems are great for those wanting a virtually unlimited supply of hot water. The water in the storage tank is pre-heated by solar, if the storage tank reaches over 57 degrees, the gas booster will not fire up and use gas.

If the water is below 57 degrees, it will go through the gas instantaneous hot water booster to bring the temperature up to the required temperature.

The great thing about gas boosting is that as long as you have gas, you will have hot water!... The running costs on bottled gas may be higher than electric boosting - however the back-up is instantaneous where-as electric boosting may take 1-2 hours to heat when activated.

Why Choose NCPW and Apricus for your solar hot water system?

  • Evacuated tube collector is designed and manufactured by Apricus, in their own factory (Not an OEM like all other evacuated tube systems available in Australia)
  • Australian Made storage tanks
  • Peace of mind with a 15 year collector warranty, and 10 year tank warranty
  • Anodised aluminium frame rated for cyclonic wind conditions
  • Excellent cold weather performance, rated for frost to -15°C with NO CHEMICALS / GLYCOL
  • One collector, all regions, unlimited applications

End-to-End Support

NCPW were one of Apricus' first agents more than 12 years ago, and we have seen every version of the Apricus solar hot water systems from the beginning to current models. We also keep in stock a large range of spare parts, and provide technical support and troubleshooting to homeowners, builders, plumbers and other solar retailers all across Australia.

Basic Sizing Guide

  • Small - 1-2 Occupants - 22 Tube 250 Litre
  • Medium - 2-4 Occupants - 30 Tube 315 Litre
  • Large - 4+ Occupants - 44 Tube 400 Litre

If you'd like more detail on sizing the right solar hot water system for you - view an article we wrote here on choosing the right sized solar hot water system.

Apricus Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems

Product Downloads:

 Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems Brochure (3MB)

 Apricus Residential Warranty Policy (2016) (637KB)

 Apricus Residential Solar System Dimensions and Technical Specs (637KB)

 Apricus ETC (2016) Model Frame Assembly Guide – Flush Mount (145KB)

 Apricus ETC (2016) Model Frame Assembly Guide – Tilt Mount (130KB)