Filter Carbon Taste and Odour Cartridge

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Carbon Block Water Filtration Cartridges

Carbon Block cartridges are highly effective in reducing, taste, odour, chlorine, and sediment. Cyst, lead, heavy metal, high turbidity and sulphur removal models are also available. The ultimate for beautiful drinking water.

Carbon Block cartridges are constructed from bonded activated carbon, offering superior treatment of water with no release of carbon fines.

Features & Benefits 

    • No carbon fines and superior contaminant capacity
    • Flow rates up to 60 litres/minute
    • Temperature rating up to 85°C
    • 1 Micron Silver impregnated carbon is great for tank water. The silver prevents bacteria from growing within the cartridge (only available in standard 10" x 2.5" size)
    • 0.5 Micron Rating required for 99.9% removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts.

NCPW Stock the following sizes:

  • 10" x 2.5" - Standard Housing
  • 10" x 4.5" - Shorter "Big Blue" housing
  • 20" x 4.5" - "Big Blue" Large housings

Other sizes available upon request.

Brand of cartridges may vary over time depending on availability.