Rainbird WPX1 Battery-Operated Controller 1 Zone Inc. 25mm Valve

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Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don’t have AC power with the WPX Series Battery-Operated Controller.

Installs Anywhere. Even Underwater
The WPX’s waterproof case and dual-sealed battery chamber ensure long life even when installed in a wet, muddy valve box. In harsh environment testing the WPX outlasted the competition by 70%. After being submerged in water at alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures the WPX was still going strong after the competition failed in less than two days.

Easier to Program
Common programming features are easily accessed on one screen, making programming quick and easy. The LCD screen is 85% larger than the Hunter® Node and the programming icons are big and easy to understand. Manual watering is easy with a dedicated button.

Longer Lasting
The WPX operates for one year using one 9-volt alkaline battery, or more than two years with two 9-volt alkaline batteries.


Controller Features

  • Waterproof case ensures long life even when installed in a valve box
  • Dual-sealed battery chamber with rubber insert and O-ring keeps water out
  • IP68 certified for protection against dust and water intrusion
  • Large LCD display (85% larger than Hunter® Node) with easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Non-volatile (100-year) program memory keeps your schedule safe even if batteries are dead
  • Mounts in valve box using solenoid mounting bracket, using two screws affixed to the valve box or on a wall using the optional wall-mount kit
  • The plastic controller case has outstanding resistance to weather, yellowing and aging
  • Sensor input with bypass override
  • Master valve/pump-start circuit (multi-zone units only)
  • Rain sensor bypass for all zones
  • Controller operates with one or two 9-volt alkaline batteries

Scheduling Features

  • Common programming features are easily accessed on one screen, making programming quick and easy
  • At-a-glance programming eliminates confusion by showing the run time, start times and watering days for each zone
  • Automatic zone stacking ensures that only one valve irrigates at a time. If zones are scheduled to water at the same time, the WPX will automatically irrigate the lower number zone first.
  • Dedicated manual watering button for easy manual watering
  • Manually water all zones or a single zone on demand
  • One-touch manual start allows you to start a full programmed irrigation cycle with the touch of a button
  • Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial setup
  • Run times, start times and watering days are customizable by zone
  • Contractor Default™ allows user to save and restore the irrigation schedule

Harsh Environment Testing

To test the WPX’s performance in harsh conditions and compare against other battery-operated controllers, Rain Bird used a new test to simulate the worst possible environment for a controller—life in a flooded valve box at extreme temperatures.

During the harsh environment test the WPX and a competitor’s controller were repeatedly submerged in saltwater at alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures for more than four days.

The results:  The WPX lasted 70% longer than the competition. The competition failed within two days. The WPX was still operating after the test concluded. The WPX's dual-sealed battery chamber prevented water intrusion for long battery life and reliable controller performance.

WPX Tech Spec, English

WPX Manual, English