Solar Regulator - 12 Volt 10/20Amp Enerdrive

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The Enerdrive Solar Charge Controllers (or Solar Regulators) are designed for maintenance free protection of your batteries and solar panels.

The purpose of a solar charge controller is to prevent overcharging of your batteries and can also help protect batteries from being over discharged.

The Enerdrive 10 and 20 amp 12 volt solar regulators are a great entry level solar regulator that still gives great reliability and performance with a 2 year warranty. They are a sealed unit so can be mounted directly on the solar panel if required.

Enerdrive Solar Charge Controller benefits include:

  • Protects battery from overcharge and discharge
  • Only for 12 Volt solar panels and batteries
  • Handles up to 20 Amps of Array Current
  • Handles up to 350 Watts of solar power
  • Maintenance free protection of your solar panel and batteries
  • Maintains battery voltage
  • Maintain 12V batteries in a fully charged state

Product Features:

  • LED status indicator provides quick reference to Charger, Battery and load status
  • Selectable battery type
  • Temperature compensation
  • High precision on voltage set point
  • Wall mountable

Download the Enerdrive Solar Charge Controller Data Sheet Here